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Thanks for visiting our site, take a look around and check out what we have to offer.  We run riding lessons all year round rain or shine! During the summer months we also offer daytime riding camps and overnight riding camp adventures!
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Overnight Riding Camp!

Our overnight camps give students the chance to experience what it’s like to own and care for their own horse... 

The Overnight Camp not only includes Riding Lessons; it also gives students the opportunity to improve they’re overall horsemanship by grooming, mucking-out and feeding their own horse.

Camps run from Sunday evening to Friday evening and finish up with a mini horse show at the end of the Camp to showcase to friends and family what students have learned through the week. 

Overnight Camp | $450.00 per week.
Book two weeks of camp and only pay $350.00 per week!
Daytime Riding Camps!

Our Daytime Riding Camps are a great way to improve your horsemanship and get outside and enjoy the summer season! 

Daytime Camps include two Riding Lessons as well as crafts and games! 

Camps start at 8:30 AM and run until 4:30 PM. 

Daytime Camp | $250.00 per week
Our Riding Camps...
Our Riding Lessons...
Here at High Hill Farms we offer both English and Western riding lessons...

We will choose the perfect horse from our herd to suit your comfort level, no matter the age we have a horse or pony for you!

We also offer you the choice of private or group lessons.

Private Lesson | $40.00 per student
Group Lesson | $30.00 per student